The Shakespeare Programming Language

Thanks to Christophe, I have just discovered the great work of Karl Hasselström and Jon Åslund. Here is an extract:


(This is the contents of the file primes.spl.)

Prime Number Computation in Copenhagen.

Romeo, a young man of Verona.
Juliet, a young woman.
Hamlet, a temporary variable from Denmark.
The Ghost, a limiting factor (and by a remarkable coincidence also
        Hamlet's father).

                    Act I: Interview with the other side.

                    Scene I: At the last hour before dawn.

[Enter the Ghost and Juliet]

The Ghost:
 You pretty little warm thing! Thou art as prompt as the difference
 between the square of thyself and your golden hair. Speak your mind.

 Listen to your heart!

[Exit the Ghost]

[Enter Romeo]

 Thou art as sweet as a sunny summer's day!

                    Act II: Determining divisibility.

                    Scene I: A private conversation.

 Art thou more cunning than the Ghost?

 If so, let us proceed to scene V.

[Exit Romeo]

[Enter Hamlet]

 You are as villainous as the square root of Romeo!

 You are as lovely as a red rose.

                    Scene II: Questions and the consequences thereof.

 Am I better than you?

 If so, let us proceed to scene III.

 Is the remainder of the quotient between Romeo and me as good as

 If so, let us proceed to scene IV.
 Thou art as bold as the sum of thyself and a roman.

 Let us return to scene II.

                    Scene III: Romeo must die!

[Exit Hamlet]

[Enter Romeo]

 Open your heart.

[Exit Juliet]

[Enter Hamlet]

 Thou art as rotten as the difference between nothing and the sum of a
 snotty stinking half-witted hog and a small toad!
 Speak your mind!

[Exit Romeo]

[Enter Juliet]

                    Scene IV: One small dog at a time.

[Exit Hamlet]

[Enter Romeo]

 Thou art as handsome as the sum of thyself and my chihuahua!
 Let us return to scene I.

                    Scene V: Fin.


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The decisive year in Afghanistan?

British Member of Parliament Rory Stewart asks a few interesting questions about the presence, strategy, negative collateral effects and astonishing optimism of Western and coalition in Afghanistan, despite consistent warnings of field experts.

  • 2004 – “Without question, this is a decisive year in Afghanistan” (US General Barno)
  • 2005 – “I think 2005 can be a decisive year” (US General Abuzaid)
  • 2006 – “2006 will be the crunch year for the Taliban” (US General Richards)
  • 2007 – “This is a decisive year for the future of Afghanistan” (Espen Eide, Norwegian Deputy Minister)
  • 2008 – “I think next year will be a decisive year (US Major General Champoux)
  • 2009 – “We are knee-deep in the decisive year” (US General McChrystal)
  • 2010 – “2010 will be a decisive year” (David Miliband, UK Foreign Secretary)
  • 2011 – “2011 will be a decisive year (German Minister for Foreign Affairs)