You don’t need a process to tie your shoes… Do you?

How detailed should be a process model, a procedure, an operations manual?

To that question, I have often answered: “you need to describe things sufficiently to be useful for the process actors and stop when there is no ambiguity left on what they have to do.” Indeed, if you go further, the complex description of each actor’s activity can lead to a heavy, annoying…and eventually useless or even counterproductive system.

An experienced general manager, with a great common sense, had also told me: “you know, I don’t need a process to tie my shoes in the morning”.
Until I discovered the following video, I thought I did not need any either…

This recent discovery made me realize how the aforementioned rule can be usefully complemented by a reflexion on the basics of the job, even practiced 30 years or more: there is always a way to improve!

Here is a good humility lesson for many of us:

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