Functional Programming

Functional Programming handout, BSc in Computer Science

Functional Programming Course, BSc in Computer Science, University Paris XII (2001-2003)

Découvrez Objective Caml

Published in GNU/Linux & Hurd Magazine France n° 43 (Oct. 2002)

Objective Caml (aka Ocaml) is a wonderful programming language: flexible, safe, efficient, equipped with many libraries (graphics, network,…). It is often seen as a curiosity used only by theoretical computer scientists. In this article, we briefly browse the genealogical tree of this language to understand its main principles and to familiarize the reader with functional programming; then we present the different working modes and some of the original aspects of this language. We finish with a small example that features the graphics and Unix libraries and with the evocation of other developping tools that are available for Ocaml.

Resources about software validation and security

History’s Worst Software Bugs, by Simson Garfinkel, 2005.