The decisive year in Afghanistan?

British Member of Parliament Rory Stewart asks a few interesting questions about the presence, strategy, negative collateral effects and astonishing optimism of Western and coalition in Afghanistan, despite consistent warnings of field experts.

  • 2004 – “Without question, this is a decisive year in Afghanistan” (US General Barno)
  • 2005 – “I think 2005 can be a decisive year” (US General Abuzaid)
  • 2006 – “2006 will be the crunch year for the Taliban” (US General Richards)
  • 2007 – “This is a decisive year for the future of Afghanistan” (Espen Eide, Norwegian Deputy Minister)
  • 2008 – “I think next year will be a decisive year (US Major General Champoux)
  • 2009 – “We are knee-deep in the decisive year” (US General McChrystal)
  • 2010 – “2010 will be a decisive year” (David Miliband, UK Foreign Secretary)
  • 2011 – “2011 will be a decisive year (German Minister for Foreign Affairs)

Eurocitizen report on Security and Defense

In 2007, threats are not only in distant countries anymore, terrorism strikes the heart of Europe, crime is increasingly powerful, media’s role is fundamental, information technologies are now critical for both corporations and individuals, European security and defence emerges…

This project was aiming at helping citizen discuss together and with experts and make their own mind on issues regarding national security and defense in France and in Europe, as a complement to the official debate, in a setting of major national¹ and international² reforms. The first version of the document can be found here.

¹White Book on Defense and National Security wrote by the Mallet Commission, Bauer project on strategic research, creation of the Direction Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur (DCRI), as a merge of the Direction Centrale des Renseignement Généraux (DCRG) and the Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire (DST), Balladur Commission on the modernization of Vth Republic’s institutions, Révision Générale des Politiques Publiques (RGPP), justice reforms, etc.

² Lisbon’s Treatee signature and French Presidence of the Council of the European Union in 2008.