I created this site in 1995 and I post regularly (less nowadays, I have to admit) a selection of references and documents (I even wrote a few of them myself) on various subjects.

Beyond this site:

  • If you like what you find here (a careful/wild selection of serious and crazy things that matter to me for some reason), you may try @LancelotPecquet on Twitter
  • If you are looking for information focused on new approaches of businesses and public sector to tackle big challenges of the 21st century, you may have a look to Will Strategy, a company that I co-fonded and manage, as CEO, since 2011, and you may want to follow @WillStrategy on Twitter
  • If you are interested in democracy, citizenship and new open government practices, you can discover République citoyenne, a Civil Society Organization I co-founded and support, as volunteer administrator, since 2013, and you can follow @repcitoyenne on Twitter
  • If you want to understand the path that lead me here, you may read my Linkedin page
  • If you want to contact me by email, my address is first_name at last_name dot org
  • PGP: 0x56C4EBC3D05B35B1 / 981A 424F 5844 A939 EC7F 7A60 56C4 EBC3 D05B 35B1

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